Strand: Scripture, Israel and Jesus (SIJL7-8E2)

Levels 7 and 8

Scripture gives witness to a people’s developing experience of and relationship with a faithful God, which is covenantal. People of faith witness their relationship with God through the lives they choose to live.

Explore the concept of covenant in the Old and New Testament and investigate how people, in spite of their infidelity, persist in trying to live their lives in ‘right relationship’ with God, self, others and creation.


  • Scripturally understood, covenant relationship is a binding relationship which invites the People of God, in freedom, to surrender to God in response to God’s love.
    In exploring the origins of covenantal relationship:
  • for the Jewish faith, refer to the Genesis 17:1-6; Genesis 9; Exodus 19;20; 24: 3-8
  • for the Muslim faith, refer to Genesis 17:1-6; Gen 9
  • for the Christian faith- refer to the Old Testament (Genesis & Exodus references) and Jesus as the ‘New Covenant’ in the New Testament (Luke 22:20).

To accept a covenantal relationship with God is to accept the invitation into to God’s love and dream for the world. There are ethical implications from this in terms of how people choose to live in and care for the world – as stewards and not as consumers/users.

Learning Lite: Covenant, Right Relationship, Witness.

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Learning Lite: Covenant, Right Relationship, Witness.

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