Enhancing Catholic School Identity

Educators in Catholic schools and colleges teach in a context where cultural and religious traditions no longer pass as easily from one generation to the next, if at all. Subsequently the religious and nonreligious identity claim of students challenges religious educators (in all classes at every level) to provide witness to Jesus Christ and the gospels in ways that engage and influence our students in their search for identity and meaning.

It’s within this context that Catholic schools and colleges in Victoria have been enriched by a research partnership with the Catholic University of Leuven and their development of Enhancing Catholic School Identity (ECSI), which helps schools strengthen their Catholic identity.

ECSI is based in sound theology and the traditions of the Church together with appreciation for the changing needs of students and cultures. 

In order to support the development/further development of you ECSI learning and understanding personally as well as professionally, this site offers several access points or tiles, each with its own content. Overtime the content of these tiles will be updated and developed.