Strand: God, Religion and Society (GRSL7-8E2)

Levels 7 and 8

Christians who in faith describe God as a Trinity of persons, are challenged to find ways of respectful engagement with those of other faith traditions and worldviews in ways that promote the common good for all.

Identify and discuss challenges and possibilities for discerning the common good in a plural society.


A plural society reflects a social shift in identity options. In a plural society it is no longer assumed ‘everyone’ is Christian, rather, people make choices from many different worldviews co-existing within society. Examples of these variations include: atheism, Taoism, Buddhism, Wicca, New Ageism, Environmental Philosophy, Humanism, Indigenous Spiritualities, Judaism, Islam etc.
An understanding for a plural society is that whatever their world view, human beings respectfully co-exist.
As part of a plural society, the (Catholic) Christian impulse if to co-exist in loving relationships inspired by the Trinity.

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