Strand: Christian Ethics – Personal and Social (CEL9-10E3)

Levels 9 and 10

All human life is sacred. The dignity of the human person is a cornerstone of Catholic moral teaching. For the Christian, an informed conscience drawn from Scripture, moral and ethical teachings of the Church, provides direction for the Christian life and potentially, the lives of others.

Analyse a range of contemporary ethical and moral issues from the Catholic perspective, articulating as well the contributions of other religions and worldviews 


Ethics is concerned with how people ought to live. Ethics takes into account not only personal wellbeing but also the impact of choices for others and the world at large. Any system of ethics is rooted in an understanding of the human person; while ethics is based on a philosophy of humanity, it is closely related to morality which from the Catholic Christian perspective, draws on religious understanding.

From the Christian perspective, Jesus Christ is the source and inspiration of Christian morality.

See Learning Lites: Catholic Anthropology, Informed Conscience


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See Learning Lites: Catholic Anthropology, Informed Conscience

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