Strand: Church and Tradition (CTL9-10E3)

Level 9 and 10

The Church is a dynamic community called to know, understand and encounter other systems of meaning and belief.

Select and research contemporary Church documents that capture a Catholic worldview, then in dialogue with documents from different systems of belief, meaning and identity, explain how the latter could enrich the Catholic perspective.


Interreligious dialogue is the term used to describe the conversation and search for understanding between Christians and people with worldviews other than Christian. The Church recognises the wisdom in religions other than Christianity and respects those who are followers of other religions. Some religious worldviews include those of Judaism, Islam, Indigenous spiritualities, atheism, Taoism, Buddhism, Wicker, New Ageism, environmental philosophy, and Humanism.

N.B. ‘Faith’ implies a belief in a god or deity. However, religions such Buddhism and Taoism do not centre belief in a divine being, rather in the search of a pathway towards ultimate meaning. Therefore, ‘interreligious’ dialogue is a more inclusive term than ‘interfaith’ dialogue.

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