Strand: Church and Tradition (CTL9-10E1)

Level 9 and 10

The signs of the times calls for the continual renewal of identity by The Church and people of faith.

Critique key events of renewal in the history of the local and/or universal Church.


Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, key events occurred which defined and set new directions for The Church e.g Church Councils. The phrase ‘signs of the times’ was a phrase that came to prominence during the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. These ‘signs’ or ‘movements’ are considered to reflect the movement of the Spirit in the world towards the achievement of the plan of God. World and political events impact on the development and nature of The Church, its structure and organization – the universal Church, the Australian Church and local Church communities.

The central theme and focus of Jesus’ life was the bringing about of the reign of God. A foundational principle of the reign of God is that people are called to live in right relationship with God, others, creation and ourselves. Living in right relationship means that people respect and promote the right of all to quality of life, freedom from fear, hunger, persecution and injustice; to be all that they can be.

See Learning Lites: Reign of God, People of God

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See Learning Lites: Reign of God, People of God

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