Strand: Church and Tradition (CTL3-4E2)

Level 3 and 4

The Holy Spirit empowers The church community to be people of unity and justice through witness and ministry.

Suggest how The Church community, by their witness, can become people of unity and justice through the action of the Holy Spirit.


The term church is used for Catholic Christians in three related ways:

  1. The entire people of God throughout the world.
  2. The diocese, which is also known as the local Church.
  3. The assembly of believers gathered for celebration of the liturgy, especially theEucharist.

Officially to be a member of the [Catholic] Church requires baptism. The Church invites all people of good will to express their faith and/or search for meaning through word and action.

Christians believe that, as at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13), the Holy Spirit is constantly enlivening and guiding The Church and its members, giving new insight, discernment, and call to action to empower a response to the Gospel in every context.

See Learning Lites: Ministry, Witness

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Catholic Youth Bible ‘Catholic Connection Pentecost notes.’ (2011 Edition, p. 1298)

See Learning Lites: Ministry, Witness

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