Prayer & Liturgy

Prayer Prayer is the experience of a relationship with God. It is a mysterious, personal and sacred experience, never the same. People are all different and God’s relationship with each person is different yet God is at the heart of everything. Prayer is a response to God: a basic openness to and communication with God, within a dialogue initiated by the Creator. Thus, many Christians see prayer as a gift from God and a powerful, effective way to deepen the covenant relationship between a loving God and humankind. The prayerful person is one who freely responds to God’s offer of relationship and open communication. Prayer is communication with God and an awareness of the Creator’s powerful and loving presence. Prayer can be silent or verbal, formal or informal, private or communal.

Liturgy is a certain form of prayer in the Catholic Tradition.  It is a privileged place of encounter between God and the people of God. It is a sacred encounter through participation in a communal, ritual expression.  More than only words, liturgy is a dialogue between God and the people of God. 

Daily Prayer sites for adults 14 day retreat for a time of isolation
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Prayer Liturgy
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Teacher Resources
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Tony Doherty, A friendly guide to the Mass (Victoria; John Garratt Publishing, 2010)
Vocations Committeee Team, Making the most of the Mass (Dover Gardens, South Australia: Pilgrims Quest, 2017)